Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Update 51

We have officially moved back home for the summer. Our house is not ready yet so I am living at my parent's house and he is living at his mom's house. Not an ideal situation but we are both trying to make the best of it. It feels like we are dating again. We go on dates every day for dinner or to the hardware store or furniture store, lol. We also went for a week to Dominican which was a nice getaway from renos!!

Just as he suspected it is way  more stressful being back home. He does a lot for his family and seems to always be running around for one of them. I am trying really hard not to let it bug me but he is so busy with work and barely gets any rest so I feel bad for him when he has to run around! It is so different from living in stress-free Florida. I have been running around like crazy too. Buying paint and picking granite and accessories for the new house. So far it looks fantastic and I can't wait to move in there with him! We basically gutted the whole house. We chose stunning dark grey hardwood for the entire house and a white lacquer kitchen with white/grey granite counter tops. I will try to post a picture when its ready!
Living with his mom and sister is getting very difficult for him so I think we may move in this week even though the house is not perfectly ready yet.

I think we will have an awesome summer with friends and family swimming and eating delicious food! I love him so much and think that I made the best possible choice for a husband for myself! He made a pretty good choice too!!! We really are a great team!!!

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  1. I'm so glad you opened this back up. I was wondering how you made out with this guy. Mazel Tov on your marriage. You sound very happy. I enjoyed watching a young women take charge and find the "one". As for those you dated and were upset you wrote about them - they knew who they were but I'm sure no one else did. And perhaps they were in denial about some of their issues. :-)
    This will be fun to tell your grandchildren about.